About DeepWorks Studios

DeepWorks Studios 💡 is a small game studio ☕ We want to create games with a deep focus of accuracy and details.🧡

Sliem Beji - Founder of DeepWorks Studios

Greetings​, my name is Sliem Beji I'm 21 years old and live in Germany, Herne. I am currently the only leader of this group.
I have been interested in IT since I was 12 years old. Over the years I have been able to gain enough experience because I have worked with many different people in many different fields.
Everything that has to do with technical implementation or organization is my thing!
On the side, I'm still going to school to get my high school diploma in computer science, and I work part-time in a call center. But that doesn't stop me from my passion and I'm working diligently to bring this creative association to the top 

Mario Sello - Composer

H ello! My name is Mario and I'm a music composer and sound designer from Argentina. Since 2017 I have worked full-time in the video game industry. I've also worked on music for films, audio branding, and audio editing for companies. Other services I provide are mixing, mastering, and music production in general for artists and bands. My main goal is to craft the best audio possible for the games I work on, in order to make them unforgettable experiences!

Matt Nicholson - Voice Actor

I'm Matt and I'm a voice actor from the UK.
I've worked on video games, animations, and video projects for a few years. Audio is my real passion, and I'm keen to learn more about the implementation side of audio and music as well as the creative side. 
I'm also an audio engineer and composer. I'm looking to build out my experience in voice acting and work on lots of games.

Robert Choate - Story Writer

Greetings! My name is Robert Choate and I have spent 20+ years in games development learning as much as I can about as many different fields as possible.
Most recently I helped on an American localization for DTG (still waiting for implementation). My skill set is vast but I'm not quite full stack yet. Like Sliem I, too, have gained my experience from working with diverse groups and challenging my own comfort levels. 
I look forward to what the future holds!

Shanu Patel - UE Programmer

My name is Shanu Patel.
I am a CS Student from India. My expertise is in programming. I have the most knowledge C++ thanks to Unreal with a basic knowledge of Java, Python, and other programming languages. I have made 3 3D games from scratch as an indie. What I look forward to is obtaining a position that challenges me and provides me the opportunity to reach my full potential professionally and personally. Utilizing my abilities and years of experience in an organization that is progressive, intellectually and technically, and one which practices collaborative leadership, integrity, and honesty.

Oleh Bilobrov - 3D Artist

Hello, my name is Oleh Bilobrov. I am from Ukraine and I am a 3D artist. I have been working in the industry for about 5 years. My main fields are cinematics, motion graphics, and commercials.
I contribute 3d assets for different projects. 

Shubhrangshu Sanyal - 3D Artist

My name is Shubhrangshu Sanyal. You can call me "Shubh". I'm a 3D Generalist/Environment artist from Mumbai, India.
I have experience working in software like Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Substance Painter, Arnold renderer, Nuke, and Clarisse. Currently, I'm working with DNEG (Double Negative Visual Effects Company). We are mostly working on Hollywood movies and TV series. I have 8 years of experience working in this field and looking forward to contributing my expertise to this wonderful game.

Vukasin Gajic - 3D Artist

My name is Vukasin. I am a 3D artist with 10 years of working experience in the 3D Industry.
My first job was as a video editor 15 years ago. After 3 years of working as a video editor, I started to learn Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine, and Marvelous Designer...
Games are my passion and they led me into the world of the game industry 5 years ago. I found that there are a lot of challenges and space for improvement.
In my free time, I practice photography as a hobby and try to make pictures as good as possible.